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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 27, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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now at 4:00, a man stabs and kills a woman before taking his own life. the chilling final call made by the victim that led police to the scene. and developing news. a standoff that lasted for weeks ends with gunfire paint rest and the person killed in the crossfire with the fbi. plus tragedy on one of the area's busiest highways. a tire flies off a truck hitting and killing another driver on 128. this morning, we are waiting on new information from this freak accident. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: feels warmer this morning, doesn't it?
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>> daniel: good morning, 4:00 on this wednesday, january 27. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. some people will be facing a wet drive into work this morning. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with the scoop on some flurries this afternoon, but shiri, it is rain on the radar now. >> shiri: it is. all in the form of a little bit of drizzle as we get you out the door. newburyport down to peabody, that hint of light green on the map write sprinkles that will continue into lowell and manchester, new hampshire. we have that little bit of green. also popping for spots like chatham this morning down to the vineyard, nantucket likely going to get nicked by this. then into central massachusetts and it is more like purple on the map. here is the thing, yes, you might see some snowfall when you look at radar. the atmosphere. 37 degrees in worcester right now. melting. very light precipitation. even if you get some flurries. not going to be able to stick in those locations. we have got some showers in
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mostly over southeastern massachusetts here for the rest of your morning commute, straight through about noontime today. by noontime, the showers will be out. we will see partial clearing north. temperature-wise here at noon will be around 40 degrees. then during the afternoon, although looking a little bit brighter, we have the risk of flurries out there, especially north of boston. we go from morning sprinkles in southeastern mass to afternoon flurries and highs 38 to 44 degrees. back over to julie for a check those roads. >> shiri, those roads are wet in some places like you mentioned but quiet drive and slight volume. route 93 south moving along fine. pike clear from framingham throughout weston tolls throughout allston-brighton. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from 49 to the leverett connector. police in peabody are wait police in peabody are waiting to identify the man and woman found dead in an apparent murder-suicide.
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news at 10:00 and 11:00. the victims were found on a porch of a house on winter night. police say the man stabbed the woman and then killed himself. investigators say the woman was on the phone with relatives in brazil. she started screaming, and then the line went dead. >> that rell any brazil called another relative -- relative in brazil called another relative in peabody and she, in fact, called the peabody police immediately. >> daniel: a family friend said the female victim was recently harassed by a man she knew. the identifies of the man and the woman as soon as police release their names. now 4:03. a bomb scare at bridgewater state university turns out be too false alarm. a suspicious item found on campus was just an empty box. students evacuated several dorms but back in around 11:30. police are investigate a freak accident that killed a
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we first told but it as it was happening near exit 31 in lexington. investigators say rear tire flew off a pickup truck, went over the jersey barrier and hit a car going northbound killing the driver inside. the crash was so intense it ripped off part of the car's roof and shattered the wind roof and shattered the windshield. the drive of the car was a 19-year-old woman. the victim was a man. neither has been identified yet neither has been identified yet. a tow truck driver who was on the scene tells us the driver of the truck was on her way to night school at the time of the crash. police say they will release more information this morning. developing this morning, the leaders of the armed militia which has occupied federal land in oregon are now under arrest. some of the militia members were involved in a shootout with police and the fbi following a traffic stop last night. bun of them was killed, five others arrested including their leader ammon bundy and his brother. three others surrendered after
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they have been protesting land property and the prosecution of two oregon ranchers. the leading republican candidate is skipping the next gop debate hosted by fox news and trump doesn't like who is moderating. months of tension between trump and fox news anchor megan kelly. trump demanded kelly be removed from tomorrow's debate and the network refused and late last night trump bailed out. in an announcement on his twitter page he said he will be hosting event and raising money for wounded warriors. after that announcement, ted cruz promised him on a one on one debate. said he and the billionaire can go at it manno-manno if they can't agree on a moderator. a poll said trump was dominating the republican field. 4 out of 10 republican voters nationwide say they support trump. this is the first time trump has passed the 40% mark.
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marco rubio follows in third with 8%. happening today on the democratic side, bernie sanders will have his first extended meeting with barack obama since his campaign was traction. the meet welcome informal with no set agenda. >> the iowa caucus vote something six days away. fox25's blair miller will be there covering every angle. watch his live reports starting this sunday right here on the fox25 news at 10:00. hundreds of documents from the trial of a boston marathon bomber will soon be available to the public. a federal judge has agreed to unseal about 600 never-before unseal about 600 never-before-seen documents including search warrants, fbi reports, photos and motions from the prosecution and defense. last year, dzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted and sentenced to death for his role in the terrorist attack and manhunt that killed four people and injured 260. they foiled plans for a mass shooting at a masonic temple in milwaukee. 23-year-old wisconsin man
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of machine guns. investigators say muhammed ansa temple. he had toured the temple with two fbi informants earlier this month and told them of his plans to attack later that night night. a man charge in two hit-and-runs including one that left a man in critical condition is out bail this morning. only fox25 cameras were there as alexander deaver ea walked out of jail. the 22-year-old crashed into a man on thorndike street monday. police say dale alvera admitted to smoking war nana the night of the crash. the family is devastated that person would leave the victim in the street. >> i don't know hue person would do something like that. at least just stay. we could have killed someone. >> he is still in critical condition at a boston hospital. his niece says they are not sure if he is going to make it.
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investigation this morning. the fire started after an explosion at the nwr plant on net island in quincy on monday, and fire fighters were able to put the fire out last night. five plant workers were injured late last night. we confirmed the fire is out. the plant says the fire started in an area separate from where water is treated so drinking water was not affected. 4:08 right now. and right now, sibir crime experts are trying to track down the source of bomb threats targeting several locations in weymouth. as reported all day yesterday morning eight computer again rated bomb threats were made across south shore hospital, the weymouth police department and several stores. investigators believe the threats are linked to others made against local schools over the last two weeks. the crimes were -- are different to solve -- difficult different to solve -- difficult of, that is because the suspect used -- difficult to solve that is because the suspect used to hide their identities. >> they are using computer --
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from where they were sitting. >> daniel: the bomb threat resources. boston police are looking for a gunman accused of shooting another man over a parking spot in dorchester. mayor marty walsh said he is not sure if this was a fight over a space saver or an actual parking space. he is asking people to stay dhawm winter. >> we are asking people to be courteous of one another and not get to a point where it was violent. last year incidents where people got their tires slashed spaces. recover. they know who the shooter is, yet. a judge is deciding the fate of a lawsuit asking for information on a sex abuse scandal at bridge water state university. the parents of four young children claim their kids were molested by a former university employee at the university day-care center. the parents want the school to release documents of the
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the school said the lawsuit should be dismissed. the former employee and day care director face criminal charges. happening today, part of route 9 will be closed as a dead a deadly crash. according to the metro west daily news the road will be closed eastbound between main street. patrick straton was killed crossing the street. the driver who hit him faces dui and dangerous driving charges. happening today, supporters are more charter schools that massachusetts could seat big boost from beacon hill. house speaker deleo asking for lawmakers to pass a new chart lawmakers to pass a new charter bill before november. a new ballot question could allow for more of the schools. they operate independently from school boards. crews in massachusetts are heading south to help the
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sending a 80en this truck. it will be manned by mass dot employees and some volunteers. washington d.c. received nearly 30 inches of snow during the blizzard. hundreds line the streets in hingham holing signs and flags as they welcome home the family of a fallen hero. the family of marine corporal christopher orlando arrived at logan airport where state police escorted them to their hometown. orlando was killed in a helicopter crash off the coast of hawaii. after a five-day search, crews confirmed them dead. it is important to show their support. >> as a sibling myself, they need it st. paul grew up with chris and part of the community. sweet boy. a little surfer boy. and we loved him so much. and we are so sad. >> julie: people in hingham said the turnout was better than they could have ever imagined. we track traffic an weather every ten minutes.
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14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. shiri? >> shiri: good wednesday morning. most of you wakinging up to dry conditions. i do have sprinkles on radar right now. 42 degrees. temperatures dropping. 40 at 5 a.m. by 6 a.m., 38 degrees. i am going to break down when the warm-up starts and when the sprinkles are out of the picture next. >> julie: all right, shir, talk to you soon. a new internet trend that put one local teen in the hospital. still coming your way, the warnings the boy is hoping to tell about the duct tape challenge. dead man's curve.
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4:15. meteorologist shiri spear here. and the pike between worcester and springfield, we have a couple of sprinkles on the map. at risk of seeing quick flurries, but sprinkles over the cape, barnstable, nantucket and the vineyard, be ready for a little bit of wet roadways. new this morning, emergency safety improvements are complete on a dangerous stretch of road. in october, a mom and her 9 in october, a mom and her 9-month-old son were killed in a car crash what is known as dead man's curve, a stretch of route 20 on the charlton-oxford line. it is five feet wider and has a guardtrial separate traffic. speed detection signs are up. the permanent project is expect expected to be completed in 20 25. a local university is helping students gait leg up on
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rivera university in con card, new hampshire are promising students will land a job within nine months of graduation or the school will pay their student federal loans for one year. the promise program applies to full-time land help him transition. >> so they can move from the classroom to the campus to the community and to a career. >> daniel: to qualify, students must maintain a 3.0 minimum grade-point average and participate in career counseling, community service and internships. it is now 4:16. asian markets opened to a rocky start this morning. the shanghai deposit took a you nose dive into negative territory 30 minutes into trading. investigators are worry investigators are worried that by jing is stepping back of support of its stock markets since the plunge recommended the lowest since 2014. the dow ended sharply higher.
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markets react this morning as trade beg begins in our 9:00 hour. 4:16. a massive layoff in a company. state your names corporate employees were reportedly given layoff notices yesterday. the job cuts as the company is streamlining and reshuffling of four top executives. the framingham company has tried to seal a $6 billion merger deal with office depot. they plan to close 325 stores in the next two years. big news for toyota. the japanese company remains the number one automaker in the world. despite massive air bag recalls despite massive air bag recalls, toyota told more than 10 million vehicles in 2015. the company had to recall millions of cars by faulty air bags by takata. volkswagen and general motors came in second and third place. a major recall at whole foods. 75,000 pounds of frozen pepperoni pizza around new england were labelled incorrectly.
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with uncured beef, but the pepperoni is actually pork. it was in stores between january 5 of last year until last february. customers can return the pieces to the stores where they were purchased. it is 4:18. if you were getting ready to head out the door, this is what you need to know. things nice and quiet. you will hit the speed limit on the expressway from furnace brook parkway to columbia road. 128 northbound and southbound are clear through canton, dedham and needham. pike wide anticipate from framingham through newton into the allston-brighton area. a few cars on the road eastbound through brighten. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 12 minutes from the tolls to the ted williams. 18 minutes from the braintree split to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, as people head out the door, they may see wet spots this morning. >> reporter: some damp roadways expected. not that the point expecting any black ice. temperatures are mild coming down from yesterday's high, 51
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sorry guy, a one-day deal. highs around 43 degrees. highs around 43 degrees, tomorrow, 40. by friday and saturday those 30s are back. we still have our front coming through, and that front is going to trigger some of these lighter showers now. it is going to favor southeastern massachusetts, because that's where it has to pass through this morning before it is done, but we have another one back behind it, and this one will stir up some flurries as we shift into the evening commute later today. so for right now, boston at 43 degrees. currently dry, but we are also mostly cloudy. we have got a little 10-mile-per-hour breeze. the winds are not going to be as strong as they were yesterday. the gusts are going to be less than they were. 6 a.m. 40 degrees. by 10 a.m. this morning, we drop into the 30s. about 37 degrees. that is when temperatures should hit their lows this morning, but a pretty slow recovery. 38 at 10 a.m. 40 degrees by noontime today and again, those sprinkles now are sitting south of boston. mostly over the cape, the
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worcester in this area, mild enough that they are arriving at the ground as some sprinkles for the time being. today's high temperature, 42 in boston and beverly. 41 in plymouth. 37 in worcester. 41 in fitchburg. 41 in nashua, new hampshire. futurecast pushing those showers out of the picture by about noontime today. we do temporarily brighten up around 5 p.m. you need to keep an eye around boston for passing flurries straight to the evening commute. overnight we clear on out and tap into sunshine tomorrow morning and you will notice clouds are increasing. that is the nor'easter that will likely stay offshore but the only risk is clipping us with rain overnight into friday morning. friday, there you have that light snow. passing on through. very patchy, very light, so far friday at 39 degrees. only going with a patchy coat only going with a patchy coating to about an inch of snow north of the mass pike. some drizzle on the cape and some flurries south of boston. saturday, a dumb of flurries linger into sunday, brighter and back up to about 48 degrees and back up to about 48 degrees. back to you.
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boston is revving up for an indy car race, and all the construction that comes with it. still coming your way fox25 is the only station there as plans are unveiled to neighbors. the months of work they are praise praising for. and a thief is caught looking for the fountain of youth.
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docto 4:23 right now. a recommendation for pregnant women and new moms. the u.s. preventive services task force recommend that women should be screened for depression before and after giving birth. the task force says 9% of pregnant women and 10% of new mom goes through a depressive episode. studies have shown babies and toddler and toddlers with depressed mom and toddlers with depressed moms are prone to having lots of health problems. meanwhile, there are a new series of depression. linda ciampa looks at the testing at mass general. >> reporter: she dealt with depression most of her life but a few years ago it became almost debilitating. geri did not want to use medication so she ren rolled in a clinical thrill is testing a
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called near infrared light. >> the near infrared light through the forehead gets to the powerhouse of the cell, which are the mitochondria and leads to more energy in the brain area close to the source of life. >> reporter: dr. kasana says that the light decreases inflammation infrain the plane and increases connections of neurons helping a depressed person feel better. it is still experimental, but geri believes that it works. >> now i am functioning, i am working, i am busy. >> reporter: another treating of depression at mass general a use of the small doses of the drug ketamine. depression is the most common disorders in the u.s. and likely caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. >> a lot of people don't realize that it is a treatable condition, and they can feel better, and sometimes as quickly as a few weeks.
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linda ciampa. a new dangerous trend has landed a local teenager in the hospital and now he wants others to learn from his mistake. the challenge is simple, someone ties their arms and leg and the person tries to get free. scaleler fell while his arms and legs were taped up. he fell so hard that slammed his head into the concrete that it caused a brain anlism. >> i am just lucky to be alive. >> just really scary seeing my son like this. >> encourage kids not to do it. when i think about it, like, i become sad. and, like, i am very happy because, -- i am happy, like, because i survived it. >> daniel: skyler pinched nerves in his eye socket and may never get his vision back. 4:26. police looking for a man that made off with thousands of
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caught the man wearing a santa caught the man wearing a santa's santa hat and broke into a doctor's office. he grabbed a trash bag and medication. he took off with a trash can full of goods. police have not made any arrests. a man is busted for his unusual carry-on. how he brought six live birds onto a plane without any of them making a sound. and it wasn't exactly part of her birth plan. a local woman gives birth in a van. how some of their baby find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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now at 4:30, a gruesome disrecovery on the porch of a local home. two people found dead. the phone call that the victim made that could be the key in the case. a new look at the evidence in the marathon bombing. the hundreds of documents being made public for the very first time.
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the next gop debate.
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